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About Us

A Cape Town based web/graphic designer with social media super skills.

A guiding light since 2017

A torch is a means to see in the dark, a guide to one’s next step. It’s able to shine a light on an object so all who looking can see it. It’s also a tool that can prevent one from stubbing their toe in the dark.

This forms part of the thinking behind the formation of Torch Digital. We want to offer a service to small and medium-sized businesses whereby a brand can become digitally visible to their customers and that hopefully, we can also assist in guiding the way forward and avoiding any pitfalls along the way.

Our Story

We love digital solutions and what they can offer businesses but it can be an overwhelming area with all the new learnings required to do it well. We want to take that headache out launching into this dynamic and ever-changing space.
Having many years in the digital marketing, design and social media industries means you can lean on our learnings and skill to navigate the digital realm. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make operating your business in the digital space less daunting and confusing.

We want to see you find value in our services and from the new avenues your business is opened to.

Laslty want to offer you a level of service that leaves you so satisfied you can’t help but recommend us to your network!